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Danish Finale 2017

The Danish National Finale hosted by Danish Country Partner WeLoveStartups on September 5th at Øksnehallen is an event showcasing and celebrating Danish Startup heroes.

This year we have 13 categories with a couple brand new ones: Startup Ecosystem initiative, Best Food Tech Startup, Best Social Impact Startup. We are welcoming Danish and Nordic Startup ecosystem supporters for the day of networking, innovation, and celebration including drinks and delicacies.

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Country Partner



WeLoveStartups is a non-profit
association established in December
2014. Their activities are centered
around the “Pay-it-forward” mindset.
The vision is to create a movement that
engages all companies and
entrepreneurial stakeholders in Denmark
in creating successful startups through
knowledge sharing, network and handing
out smart startup funding for early
stage startups

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