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Brief glance of our history

The Nordic Startup Awards is a unique series of events in the Nordic countries.
Since 2012 we have gathered the best of the best from the Nordic startup community,
with the ambition to recognise and celebrate all the great achievement of this region.

The aim is to inspire, stimulate and recognize entrepreneurship throughout the Nordic region, whilst connecting a community of startup enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs and mentors from diverse and complementing backgrounds. Not only focusing on the cool and successful startups, but on the entire startup ecosystem – from the investors and journalists to the founders and the developer heroes.

and many, many more.

As part of our organisational structure we have a local partner in each Nordic country (Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland). The Country Partners are chosen due to their strong position in the local ecosystem and their deep, thorough knowledge of it. They are the force ensuring that the Nordic Startup Awards can continue to showcase the best the Nordic startup ecosystem has to offer.

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