Grand Finale Day 2017

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Calling all Nordic entrepreneurs, investors, tech enthusiasts, and lovers of a great time. Nordic Startup Awards is holding our Grand Finale, October 18th in Stockholm. No matter your background, career, or experience in the startup world, this is going to be an adventure you won't want to miss. Over the course of the day, you will attend three events, mingle with the elite of the startup and investing world, celebrate the accomplishments of Nordic entrepreneurs, and walk away feeling inspired and proud.

The Grand Finale is the culmination of the Nordic Startup Awards competition and consists of three phases that will happen on October 18th.

Networking Event

The first phase of our Grand Finale is a networking event designed to connect the Nordic region not only with each other, but with the global startup community. As you walk into the venue, hosted by Business Sweden, you will be entering a international startup hub. You will meet others from across the Nordics, as well as key players from Global Startup Awards' partners in South East Asia, Central Europe, the SAARC region, and more. You can discover the most exciting businesses springing up all over the world, connect with future business partners, impress potential investors, and hopefully make some new friends.

Grand Finale Gala

From the networking event, you will take a trip to Skandiascenen Cirkus, where The Park is hosting the Grand Finale Gala. This is where the best of the Nordic startup ecosystem will be crowned by a jury of experienced and influential individuals. Maybe some of those new friends you met earlier will be honoured, and you can all applaud their achievements together.

Grand Finale Afterparty

The day isn't over, however, so stay put. Once the Gala ends, Pop House Hotel will hold the Grand Finale Afterparty. Here all the participants, win or lose, will gather to enjoy some drinks, dance, and relax after an eventful day. All these incredibly talented entrepreneurs, powerful investors, and global influencers, will be able to let loose and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the Nordic startup ecosystem.


17th of October
Partner Startup Bar by Starta & Driva Eget
Time: 17:00-22:00
Place: Pop House Hotel

18th of October
10:00-14:30 – Networking Event hosted by Business Sweden at Pop House Hotel
18:30 – Doors open and mingle before the grand Gala show at Skandiascenen, Cirkus
19:30-21:30 – Awardshow, hosted by Richard Lindh & Cozette Wachtmeister
22:00-01 – Afterparty at Pop House Hotel


Pop House will the hotel where the finalist are staying. It will also have Nordic Startup Awards Desk where you can always find information and help. Pop House is located on the scenic island of Djurgården, in the national city park in the central of Stockholm. The building houses ABBA The Museum, Pop House Hotel, Pop House Food&Bar and a popular shop. Welcome to Pop House – at the heart of Swedish music.

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Skandiascenen Cirkus at the Royal Djurgården opened its doors the 25th of May 1892 to accommodate great circus companies.
Over the years, Circus has become an all-activity house with events like concerts, congresses, television recordings and award shows but mostly theater, musicals and shows. In October 2015, Circus expanded with another stage, the slightly smaller Skandiascenen.
With its open and modern design, Skandiascenen complements the old traditions of Circus in an exciting way.
Since the start of 2015, Skandiascenen has been host for everything that you can imagine in the category of fun and enjoyment. We have performed concerts, family shows, stand-up, biographies, conferences, kick-offs and corporate partys. Skandiascenen will be for those who today lack but deserve their own scene.

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