Grand finale in Oslo, May 22nd

The Nordic Startup Awards is a series of events in the Nordic countries, to recognize and celebrate the startup ecosystems based in the Nordic region.

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The Show

The Nordic Startup Awards is a unique series of awards committed to celebrating Nordic ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit across the startup ecosystem. Its overall aim is to bring together the best entrepreneurs and organizations within the Nordic startup ecosystem. As the Awards cover the entire ecosystem we have categories that cover individuals, as well as organizations and startups.

The Awards are carried out in two rounds. First, national semi-finals are held in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. These nominations are now open. Then, semi-finalists will move on to the Grand Finale and compete to become the region’s champions. The Grand Finale is also a great chance to network and gain international exposure.

  • 10th March

    Nomination opens

  • 9th May

    Public voting on shortlisted startups

  • 16th May

    National winners announced

  • 22nd May

    Grand finale

Grand Finale Winners

Startup of the Year Founder of the Year Best Investor Best Service Provider Developer Hero Best Newcomer Startup Journalist
Plain Vanilla Carl Waldekranz Lifeline Ventures FundedByMe Jonas Bruun Nielsen Jumpstarter Greg Anderson

Regional Winners

Denmark Finland Iceland Sweden Norway
Startup of the Year Airhelp Fingersoft Plain Vanilla Truecaller DirtyBit
Founder of the Year Søren Halskov Nissen Sampo Karjalainen Þorsteinn Friðriksson Carl Waldekranz Leo Gasteen
Best Investor Jesper Buch Lifeline Ventures NSA Ventures Henrik Torstensson betaFACTORY
Best service provider Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship Newco Factory Klak Innovit FundedByMe NTNU School of Entrepreneurship
Developer hero Jonas Bruun Nielsen Oleg Podsechin Kristján Ingi Mikaelson Dimitrij Aleshkov Wilhelm Joys Andersen
Best Newcomer Airtame Trademark Now Blendin Jumpstarter Edgefolio
Startup Journalist Daniel Laursen Greg Anderson Bala Kamallakharan James Pember David Nikel

Award Categories

The greatest startups within the nordic region will be awarded within a number of different categories intended to pay tribute to the entire startup ecosystem.

Startup of the Year

Startup of the Year

The startup that has shown the greatest development over the last year. Either in the form of growth, sales, product and service.

Founder of the Year

Founder of the Year

This individual has shown great leadership in the past year. Notable achievements could be fund raising / great customer growth / good financials.

Best Investor

Best Investor

This person or organization has displayed the best investment acumen. I.e. an exit, early investment, or realization of an earlier investment.

Best service provider

Best service provider

A noteworthy company that deserves the recognition for its help, services and support to the startup industry in the past year.

Developer hero

Developer hero

In partnership with EESTEC. This individual has been instrumental in the development community in the past year.

Best Newcomer

Best Newcomer

A noteworthy startup that has less than 12 months in operation and yet has managed to establish a promising track-record.

Startup Journalist

Startup Journalist

This person has displayed passion for the startup scene by providing insightful and impacting coverage as either a blogger or startup journalist.

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Advisory Board

The organizing team would like to thank our advisory board members who have assisted in guiding the show towards achieving a common vision.

  • Ai Kordek

    Ai Kordek

    Startup Advisor and Bitcoin Entrepreneur Linkedin
  • Amanda Richardson

    Amanda Richardson

    Head of Product at Prezi Linkedin
  • Attila Dobos

    Attila Dobos

    Startup mentor Linkedin Profile
  • Balazs Szabo

    Balazs Szabo

    Global Development Board Member, Kairos Society Linkedin
  • Britta Thomsen

    Britta Thomsen

    Member at the European Parliament Linkedin
  • Gergely Boszormenyi-Nagy

    Gergely Boszormenyi-Nagy

    Director at Design Terminal Linkedin
  • Imre Hild

    Imre Hild

    Entrepreneur Linkedin
  • Jasenko Hadzic

    Jasenko Hadzic

    Founder of Nordic Startup Confierence Linkedin
  • Laszlo Koranyi

    Laszlo Koranyi

    Vice President at National Innovations Office Linkedin
  • Mads Vad Kristensen

    Mads Vad Kristensen

    Digital Futurist & Entrepreneur Linkedin
  • Mette Lykke

    Mette Lykke

    Founder of Endomondo Linkedin
  • Miklos Grof

    Miklos Grof

    CEO at Fundacity Linkedin
  • Neil Murray

    Neil Murray

    Founder of VIP VoIP Linkedin
  • Patrik Kovacs

    Patrik Kovacs

    President, Young Entrepreneurs of the EU Linkedin
  • Paul Lacourbe

    Paul Lacourbe

    Professor at CEU Business School Linkedin
  • Peter Zaboji

    Peter Zaboji

    Founder & President, European Entrepreneurship Foundation Linkedin
  • Shira Abel

    Shira Abel

    CEA at Hunter & Bard Linkedin
  • Steffen Hedebrandt

    Steffen Hedebrandt

    Country manager at Elance-oDesk Linkedin
  • Tamas Muller

    Tamas Muller

    Serial entrepreneur Linkedin
  • Tiago Vidal

    Tiago Vidal

    Founder of Go Youth Conference Linkedin
  • Veronika Pistyur

    Veronika Pistyur

    CEO at Bridge Budapest Linkedin
  • Zoltan Kalmar

    Zoltan Kalmar

    Serial Entrepreneur Linkedin


The ambassadors are startup awards extended eyes and ears in the individual countries. They help making things happen in their respective countries and provide valuable insights about the local startup communities.

  • Anders Hassis

    Anders Hassis

    Swedish ambassador Linkedin
  • Daniel Laursen

    Daniel Laursen

    Danish ambassador Linkedin
  • David Nikel

    David Nikel

    Norwegian ambassador Linkedin
  • Diljá Valsdóttir

    Diljá Valsdóttir

    Icelandic ambassador Linkedin
  • Dmitri Sarle

    Dmitri Sarle

    Finnish ambassador Linkedin
  • Fairouz Hussien

    Fairouz Hussien

    Finnish ambassador Linkedin
  • Karsten Deppert

    Karsten Deppert

    Swedish/Danish ambassador Linkedin
  • Kim Daniel Arthur

    Kim Daniel Arthur

    Norwegian ambassador Linkedin
  • Mei Wen

    Mei Wen

    Swedish ambassador Linkedin
  • Tor Gronsund

    Tor Gronsund

    Norwegian ambassador Linkedin

The Team

The team behind nordic startup awards have been working hard to make it possible to see startups of the nordic regions come together to celebrate amazing achievements and exchange disruptive ideas.

  • Anne Sofie Rose Arfelt

    Anne Sofie Rose Arfelt

    Head of Communication Linkedin
  • Daniel Najafi

    Daniel Najafi

    Social Media Manager Linkedin
  • James Digby

    James Digby

    Founder & Ambassador Linkedin
  • Kim Balle

    Kim Balle

    CEO & Co-Founder Linkedin
  • Maja Adriaensen

    Maja Adriaensen

    Norwegian Manager Linkedin
  • Mia Mesfin Devi

    Mia Mesfin Devi

    Public Relations Director Linkedin
  • Peter Kovacs

    Peter Kovacs

    Partner Linkedin
  • Philip Plisskin Helmbæk

    Philip Plisskin Helmbæk

    Sponsorship Manager Linkedin
  • Stina Liland Nysæther

    Stina Liland Nysæther

    Grand Final Manager Linkedin
  • Zaki Wasik

    Zaki Wasik

    CTO & CXO Linkedin



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