The team behind nordic startup awards have been
working hard to make it possible to see startups of the nordic
regions come together to celebrate amazing achievements
and exchange disruptive ideas.

Country Partners

  • Arctic Startup

    Arctic Startup



    ArcticStartup is an independent technology blog that reports on startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Their goal is to provide exceptional coverage of the news and trends needed to support a developed entrepreneurship community in Northern Europe.

    ArcticStartup also organizes various different kind of events, from smaller ArcticEvenings to full-sized conference of Arctic15.

  • Startup Norway

    Startup Norway



    Startup Norway’s mission is to put Norway’s startup scene on the international startup map.

    Norway is strong in technology, has great startups, and a good environment for creating new companies. Nevertheless, Norway’s startup scene is still an invisible spot on the international startup map. We at Startup Norway believe that increasing attention towards our region to international journalists, investors and customers will help Norwegian startups to scale and grow internationally.

    We approach this by working with the key components: International visibility, Access to capital, global networks and quality/quantity of startups.

  • Oslo Business Region (In collaboration with Startup Norway)

    Oslo Business Region (In collaboration with Startup Norway)



    Oslo Business Region is working to raise the number of startups with international potential, combining startup support services with international profiling and regional business development.

  • Startup Sweden

    Startup Sweden



    Your gateway to the swedish startup ecosystem. Also the organisation behind Lean Startup Machine Stokholm and Chinapreneaurs Stokholm.

  • Icelandic Startups

    Icelandic Startups



    Icelandic Startups help startups grow within and out of Iceland by accelerating their businesses and connecting them with experts, investors and leading startup hubs abroad.

    Their services are free of charge and range from the seed of an idea to the first or even second round of funding.

  • WeLoveStartups




    Through a collaboration with established companies and startup lovers, WELoveStartups hand out grants, mentors PR and products to startups in their early stages, where they struggle the most even when their potential is impressive.

Team Nordic Startup Awards

  • Kim Balle

    Kim Balle


  • Gergely Szalay

    Gergely Szalay


  • Nélida Pascale

    Nélida Pascale

    Head of Competition

  •  Leonardo Ronald Satria

    Leonardo Ronald Satria

    Head of International Relation and Project

  • Sara Finsdottir

    Sara Finsdottir

    Head of Communication & PR

  • Viktoria Borovickova

    Viktoria Borovickova

    Video Editor

  • Philip Helmbæk

    Philip Helmbæk

    Head of Relationships

  • Mikkel Krogsholm

    Mikkel Krogsholm

    Data geek

Global Startup Awards

Nordic Startup Awards in collaboration with Global Startup Awards

  • Kim Balle

    Kim Balle

    Co-Founder & CEO - Global Startup Awards

  • James Digby

    James Digby

    Co-Founder & CMO - Global Startup Awards

  • Peter Kovacs

    Peter Kovacs

    Co-Founder & Master of Relationships - Global Startup Awards

  • Balázs Bondici

    Balázs Bondici

    Co-Founder & CMO - Global Startup Awards