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The Nordic Startup Awards - NSAwards celebrates the spirit of innovation and achievement in the Nordic startup ecosystem. We recognize the excitement, risk and hard-work involved in developing a startup and the influence each person has on driving the success of their company. NSAwards aims to bring light to exemplary entrepreneurship and inspire a networking community of startup enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, and diverse mentors.


Nordic Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards, which provides annual spotlight to those who dare to dream big and shape the way our future will look. Bringing together amazing ideas and best talents from 4 regions, 25 countries across the globe to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and startups.

NSAwards 2016 in Numbers

Products and Services

Hosting own satellite event

Are you interested in having your own event where you can present your product or service in front of crowd with many potential new leads? NSAwards has a lot of experience in hosting events and combined with our strong network, we will be able to create a great event for your business.

Start up sourcing

Using the network and data from NSAwards, we can in collaboration with you as a partner source an agreed number of Startups from the Nordic and Central European region.

Video Production

NSAwards can in collaboration with video company create high end video productions for your company. Examples of these could be employer branding or showcasing of product.

Media Representation

By entering a partnership with NSAwards, you will be able to showcase your product/service or highlight other relevant information about your company through NSAwards online social media channels.

Printed material

During the national and regional finals, you as a partner can give valuable exposure to your business by having your logo on the press wall, a page in the 2017 NSAwards magazine or even full page advertorial in the finalist booklet for the NSAwards regional finale.

Strategic partnership

Can you provide the beer, liquor or right venue for the event or even afterparty? Maybe even someone who can cook the dinner for the pre-award dinner? NSAwards are always on the look out from strategic partnerships which can elevate the value of the events.

NSAwards Magasin 2016


Past and Present Partners

Let's become a partner!

We at NSAwards are really looking forward to all our shows in 2017 and to further connecting startup ecosystems across regions. We do hope that you would like to be part of it. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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